Winnie M Li is a writer and activist.  A Harvard graduate and George Mitchell Scholar, Winnie’s film producing career was disrupted, at the age of twenty-nine, by a stranger rape in Belfast.  She then decided to focus professionally on addressing the issue of sexual assault through the media and the arts.

Her debut novel, DARK CHAPTER, is winner of The Guardian’s Not The Booker Prize 2017 and will be translated into nine languages.  Inspired by her own assault, it explores a rape and its aftermath from the perspective of both victim and perpetrator.  Winnie is also Co-Founder of the Clear Lines Festival, addressing sexual assault and consent through the arts and discussion. Her PhD research at the London School of Economics explores media engagement by rape survivors as a form of activism. Winnie has appeared in The Irish Times, RTE Radio One, The Times, BBC World News, and was profiled in the TV3 Ireland documentary Unbreakable: True Lives.