Melanie is an award-winning creative and social entrepreneur with a passion for justice, equality and storytelling. In 2016, Melanie launched the Irish Herstory movement to tell the stories of historical, contemporary and mythological women. Since then, she has developed a programme featuring the Annual International Herstory Light Festival, the Herstory TV Series, a women’s exhibition for the Irish embassy network, a salon event series for universities, and a schools education programme.

When the Christmas lights are switched off on the 4-7th January 2019, Ireland invites the world to join us for the International Herstory Light Festival, a celebration of women and equality. Herstory is harnessing the alchemical power of light, to spotlight inequality, highlight women’s stories and create visions for a ‘World of Equals’.  The inaugural festival went viral in January 2017, with castles, museums, libraries, theatres and offices illuminating in celebration of 198 women across the island of Ireland. In 2018 the Herstory Light Festival generated 26 million Twitter impressions, going international with participation in the USA, UK, Spain, Sweden, France, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Poland.

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