Brighid Daly is an accredited Biodynamic Psychotherapist and Supervisor with over 20 years experience with a wide range of clients in a variety of treatment settings. She is founder of the S.A.O.R. Counselling and Psychotherapy Centres in Kerry and Galway. These Centres offer One on One Therapy, Educational Group Work and Monthly Conversations that Matter.

Brighid believes that genuine self-care is the ultimate act of intelligence and creativity. She created her own Bridge to Well Being called S.A.O.R. (Stones across our River), which aims to support us in restoring The Beauty of our Balance, The Power of our Understanding, The Joy of our Creativity and The Welcoming of our Grace.

Brighid’s on-going work as a Therapist, Educator, Story Teller and Singer invites us to reclaim our inherent right to health and wholeness and encourages us to walk from the land of self-care as burden to the land of self-care as privilege.