Public Awareness Guiding Principles

SAFE Ireland has been an active member of the National Steering Committee on Violence Against Women Public Awareness Sub Committee for a number of years. In 2010 SAFE Ireland accepted the role of chairperson for this committee.

As a part of this work SAFE Ireland worked with committee members and COSC to develop and agree a set of Public Awareness Guiding Principles.

SAFE Ireland took a leading role in negotiating the agreement of these guiding principles with the various stakeholders. SAFE Ireland also provided editorial support.

The Public Awareness Subcommittee has an advisory role to COSC and in February 2011 the committee produced these guiding principles as a resource to COSC.

The guiding principles document forms part of the implementation of activities 1.2 and 3.3 of the National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010-2014 which aims to develop guidance on practical steps to increase personal safety for those most at risk from domestic, sexual and gender-based violence. The guidance outlines guiding principles for conducting public awareness raising activities related to domestic, sexual and gender-based violence and is intended as a guide to organisations and professionals undertaking such activities.

Primarily the guidelines aim to encourage a shift from a focus of public awareness raising activities on the victim to an inclusion of a focus on the perpetrator and bystander whilst also ensuring that information on support services is available to victims/survivors.

Click here for a copy of the guiding principles document from the website (PDF 150Kb)