The Other Half

The Other Half is an alliance of men’s and women’s organisations working together to end men’s violence against women. We are SAFE Ireland, Rape Crisis Network Ireland, and the Men’s Development Network.

Why work with Men

For a variety of reasons violence against women (VAW) has been largely tackled by women and has, by default, been seen as a women’s issue.

We feel that it is time to move on from this and to recognise men – or The Other Half – as potentially powerful allies against violence.

Why we want to work together

  • Men are one half of the population.
  • Men can exert influence over their peers and colleagues.
  • The vast majority of men are not perpetrators of violence against women.
  • When women experience violence, the perpetrators are commonly men.
  • Men are concerned for the safety of the women they care about.
  • Men are potentially powerful allies.
  • Men are potentially powerful activists in an alliance against violence against women.

Calling All Men!

Miriam O'Callaghan and Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh at the launch of the White Ribbon CampaignSign up to the White Ribbon Campaign to show you are opposed to Men’s Violence Against Women.
We need YOUR support!

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