Service Development and Support

SAFE Ireland has a specialist role in centre staging the needs of women and children in the delivery and development of frontline services. SAFE Ireland has been working with frontline domestic violence services across Ireland for over 15 years to support their capacity to develop and adapt services based on women’s and children’s needs and social challenges.

SAFE Ireland provides ongoing support to our members on a range of practice, professional development and organisational issues.

SAFE Ireland also provides a public information service which aims to increase awareness of the supports available to women and bystanders in their communities, as well as providing direct support to women who contact us when they cannot access the supports that they need elsewhere. We work with these women to address their immediate safety needs and to link them into their local services.

In more recent years SAFE Ireland has been providing guidance and support to government agencies who are taking up a national role on domestic violence.

We work work closely with Tusla and Cosc, contributing our expertise through various platforms and programmes with a focus on achieving state of the art responses for women and children in Ireland.

We work closely with our membership responding to their ongoing support and information needs through one-to-one work, email and telephone support, as well as holding national member meetings where necessary. Working with them we proactively identify gaps in service delivery, identify women’s unmet needs and focus on areas of practice that require support. We also deliver annually a series of professional development programmes based on members’ specific training needs.

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