National Standards for Domestic Violence Service Provision in Ireland

SAFE Ireland has been working with our members over a number of years to develop best practice responses to ensure that women and children’s emotional, practical, safety and child related needs are met.

What is clear from this ongoing work is that the majority of services have standards in place. SAFE Ireland are currently in a process of developing agreed national standards with our members.

In 2008/2009 SAFE Ireland conducted an extensive audit of our members services. This audit/mapping exercise included data collection in relation to standards covering service provision, governance, human resources and multi agency work. This audit found that the majority of services meet the minimum standards as set out by the Council of Europe. (Click here to link to view PDF (1.5Mb) from the Council of Europe Standards)

Additionally, SAFE Ireland have reviewed available international literature on standards for domestic violence services.

The national evaluation of women’s needs and outcomes has provided an important resource to inform service provision responses to women and their children. For more information on Evaluation of Women’s Needs and Outcomes click here >>

In 2010 SAFE Ireland worked with our members to further develop responses, practice and policy in relation to women, domestic violence and substance use. For more information on Addressing Substance Use and Domestic Violence click here >>