National Information Campaign

SAFE Ireland has a key national role in raising awareness about domestic violence and societal responses to end its prevalence in Ireland.

In addition, we have a national role to raise awareness of the supports that are available to victims. their family, friends and supporters and a range of professionals who have contact with victims across legal, medical, housing, education and community settings.

SAFE Ireland has developed a suite of information materials targeted at different audiences. For details of these resources click here >>.

In 2009 SAFE Ireland in collaboration with the RCNI and COSC distributed 8,100 posters and 5,000 information leaflets for Medical and Legal Professionals

In 2010, SAFE Ireland in collaboration with the RCNI developed an information card for women and their supporters which details all of the domestic violence and sexual violence support services in Ireland.

To date 17,000 of these cards have been distributed to a wide range of display locations including Court Services, Garda Stations, Workplace canteens, Citizen Information Centres, GP Clinics, Health Centres, Community Groups and other Support Groups.

If you want to order some of these cards click here for further details.

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In 2011, SAFE Ireland has developed a smartphone information App which initially will be available to download for free to iPhones, iPods and iPads. Read More >>

SAFE Ireland is grateful to COSC and the Department of Environment (Formerly the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs) for providing funding towards the above information resources.