Addressing Substance Use and Domestic Violence

Based on practice issues and women’s needs which were identified by our member organisations, SAFE Ireland, in conjunction with the Stella Project, London has taken a lead role in supporting the development of effective policy and practice for supporting women who are experiencing domestic violence and have substance use issues.

The Stella Project is a partnership between the Greater London Domestic Violence Project (GLDVP) and the Greater London Alcohol and Drug Alliance (GLADA). The Stella Project works to find positive and creative ways to develop a more inclusive service provision, including policy development, partnership working and training.

In 2010 SAFE Ireland developed a substance use policy templates to assist domestic violence projects to work with substance using women.

Also in 2009/2010 in partnership with The Stella Project SAFE Ireland delivered a 3 phase training and professional development programme with the majority of domestic violence services in Ireland.

This programme included the following stages:

  • Awareness raising training
  • Development of Policy Template with Service Managers
  • Internal Sign-off of policies by boards of Domestic Violence Services
  • Training of frontline staff in the implementation of the policies and practice related issues
  • Post Implementation – Follow on troubleshooting workshops with frontline staff and service managers