Our Work

SAFE Ireland delivers a wide range of programmes, supports and services in line with our Strategic Plan Changing Culture and Transforming the Response to Domestic Violence in Ireland (2015-2020). SAFE Ireland aims to transform the response to DV in Ireland so that our country can become a safe place for women and children. We will achieve this transformation by changing social behaviour and attitudes; by securing a whole system response to the issue; by cultivating leadership through champions at all levels in Irish society and by deepening and communicating our understanding of the problem and enhancing all our capacity to respond.

We work in collaboration with our members, allies, government departments, state agencies and relevant stakeholders to progress our change and transformation agenda.

SAFE Ireland’s core areas of work are as follows:

Prevention and Awareness – SAFE Ireland is working to transform culture and to change attitudes and behaviour so that domestic violence is not tolerated in our communities. In the next 5 years we want to achieve a critical mass of awareness and behaviour change.

Whole System Reform – We are working to advocate for and advise the reform of all services to women and children in order to achieve a state of the art whole system response to women and children which understands the lasting trauma impacts of Domestic Violence and the importance of early and effective interventions which work to centre stage the protection and recovery needs of women and children.

Research & Understanding – We gather knowledge and learning, understand it and act on it to progress our social change agenda and provide evidence based leadership and expertise at a national level.

Leadership & Advocacy – SAFE Ireland holds a vital leadership role as the leading national social change agency for domestic violence in Ireland. We work to cultivate Champions at all levels of Irish society for this issue. We are working to achieve a critical mass of Champions who will be visible and vocal leaders on this issue across social, economic, cultural and government systems. At the core of our national advocacy work is the representation of the needs of women and children across the whole of government and civil society.

What We Do

  • We deliver national and local prevention strategies and campaigns.
  • We provide public awareness raising of the issue of domestic violence and its prevalence in Irish society.
  • We improve service delivery for women and children experiencing domestic violence and we provide direct service support to our members across Ireland.
  • We provide a public information service for victims of domestic violence.
  • We undertake continuous evaluation of women’s needs and outcomes to inform policy and practice changes.
  • We provide National representation of the needs of women and children.
  • We provide training and professional development of members’ and other frontline services’ staff.
  • We undertake evidence based research and national data collection to inform national decision making structures, legislative and policy changes, practice and service improvements and resource allocation.
  • We provide Network capacity building and sustainability.

Impact of our Work in 5 years

  • Women and children will have been heard, believed and understood.
  • Social attitudes and behaviours will have changed – change in public conversation.
  • Increase in prevention strategies.
  • Increase in reporting by women.
  • There will be new dynamic leadership and champions for this issue.
  • Significant increase in government investment in the issue.
  • Ireland will be a leading light globally on the issue.
  • Women’s satisfaction with the states response to her will have increased significantly.
  • There will be communities for change mobilisied across the country.
  • Visibility and hope will replace silence and shame and women and children will no that there is support.
  • Solutions will be available to end lifetime cycles of abuse and trauma.