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The following are details of the different research projects that SAFE Ireland is currently progressing…

National One Day Census of Domestic Violence Services 2010

On the 4th November 2010, SAFE Ireland conducted its third national one day census of women and children receiving supports from our member’s services. This report will be published in the near future. See ‘National One Day Census for further details >>.

National Outcome Evaluation of domestic violence support and information services

Following on from the national outcome evaluation of refuges in 2008/2009, SAFE Ireland conducted a pilot outcome evaluation of the Information and Support Components of Domestic Violence Services. (SAFE Ireland, 2010) Click here for report >> (PDF 2.4Mb)

Having learnt from the pilot programme SAFE Ireland has conducted a national evaluation of information and support services. This report is currently being finalised and will be published in coming months.

Transnational study of the needs and outcomes of women accessing domestic violence services

The SAFE Ireland National Outcome Evaluation of domestic violence support and information services data collection was conducted in conjunction with Scottish Women’s Aid, who completed similar national research with its member groups in a parallel process.(See Scottish Women’s Aid Report (PDF)) It was felt that undertaking the work on a transnational basis would offer the opportunity to share expertise, rigorously debate all elements of the project and share findings, thus adding to the knowledge base in relation to women’s needs and outcomes. The result of the joint work is considered in this further report (Forthcoming). Professor Cris Sullivan from Michigan State University has acted as advisor to the project.

Healing the effects of Domestic Violence and trauma

A new partnership with Michigan State University, SAFE Ireland and The Gerda Boyesen Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy (GBII) has been given the approval to commence a research study into healing the effects of domestic violence and trauma. The clinical trial will test the efficacy of biodynamic psychotherapy in healing trauma linked to domestic violence.

This pilot phase of the study commences in April 2011 and SAFE Ireland with its research partners will analyse the preliminary data over the coming months. Based on these findings and resources the partners hope to conduct a more in depth study towards the end of 2011. The research team is led by Dr Denise Saint Arnault, Associate Professor School of Nursing at the University of Michigan.

For further details about Dr Denise Saint Arnault see starnaul@umich.edu

For further details about GBII see www.biodynamic.org

The Impact of Trauma and its Connection to Female Offending Behavior:

Developing an Assessment of Needs for Services and Intervention

This research is at proposal stage. Initial discussions have been held with Probation services and will be further progressed in June 2011. SAFE Ireland is working with Professor Sheryl Kubriak in the design of this research programme.

Qualitative study with Michigan State University (Prof Sullivan) which is considering interventions that women received linked to their needs and outcomes

This research is at design stage and will be progressed further with Prof Sullivan in June 2011.