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New women's refuge cannot open due to lack of funding

Apr 05, 2012 Comments Off by

A NEWLY built Kildare-based refuge, which has been unable to open due to lack of funding, has had to turn away 20 women and 47 children living with domestic violence, according to the manager of the service.

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770 women and children seek help on just one day

Mar 08, 2012 Comments Off by

Nearly 800 women and children sought help from domestic violence services on one day last year according to figures released today. Click here to read Kitty Holland’s article in the Irish Times.

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Annual National Domestic Violence Services Statistics Released

Sep 28, 2011 Comments Off by

Not Always Safety in Numbers for Women in 2010: Women and children looking for safety could not be accommodated on over 3,000 occasions in 2010 because domestic violence refuges were either full or unavailable in an area. Throughout the year, 7,235 women received support from domestic violence services. SAFE Ireland’s members answered 38,629 helpline calls. 1,545 women along with 2,355 children lived in refuge for various periods of time. Read more »

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The hidden world of domestic abuse

Mar 07, 2011 Comments Off

Violence in the home remains one of the most serious forms of abuse facing Irish women today…

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'Stopping the hurt at home' ANTI-VIOLENCE CAMPAIGN

Dec 11, 2010 Comments Off

A new campaign hopes to tackle violence against women, with men taking a leading role, writes PAMELA DUNCAN in the Irish Times Saturday Magazine.

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Gambling with Women and Children’s Safety

Dec 02, 2010 Comments Off

7,512 women, 2,462 children supported and over 34,000 helpline calls to domestic violence services in 2009. “Ireland is now gambling recklessly with the lives of women and children seeking support for domestic violence”, said SAFE Ireland, the representative network of domestic violence services. It announced its latest stark statistics today, half way through the international 16 days of action against violence against women.

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New Campaign calls on Men to Help End Violence Against Women

Nov 23, 2010 Comments Off

Men are being asked to join with women and speak out against violence against women in a new national campaign that was launched today.

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'My husband broke my cheekbone once. Another time he tried to strangle me'

Sep 25, 2010 Comments Off

Domestic violence against women and children in immigrant communities is a growing problem. Now there are calls for a change in Government policy to give victims of violence more rights and better access to the emergency facilities they need, writes JAMIE SMYTH, Social Affairs Correspondent.

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15 women and 12 children an hour seek aid after abuse

Jun 03, 2010 Comments Off

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE REPORT AN AVERAGE of 15 women and 12 children looked for help from domestic violence services every hour on one day in November last year, a report has found. writes ALISON HEALY…

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‘In Just One Day’ – Domestic Violence Figures Show Unprecedented Trend Upwards

Jun 01, 2010 Comments Off

Stark new figures reveal that 368 women and 291 children were accommodated or received support from a domestic violence service in just one day last year. This means that an average of 15 women and 12 children looked for support every hour of that 24-hour period. SAFE Ireland, the national representative body for frontline domestic [...]

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