What We Do

SAFE Ireland works with frontline domestic violence services across Ireland to provide state of the art and sustainable responses to women and children experiencing domestic violence in our communities.

SAFE Ireland identifies and understands what drives and contributes to domestic violence and violence against women in Ireland.

SAFE Ireland provides evidence-based guidance to government, the private sector, civil society and communities on how to strategically and effectively lead, co-ordinate, resource and support prevention efforts across Ireland.

SAFE Ireland informs and supports the development of policy and legislation, prevention strategies, programming and advocacy that targets and seeks to reduce the drivers of domestic violence and violence against women.

SAFE Ireland wants to transform the response to domestic violence in Ireland so that our country can become a safe place for women and children. Through our 5-year Strategic Plan, Changing Culture & Transforming the Response to Domestic Violence in Ireland 2015-2020 SAFE Ireland will achieve this transformation by:

  • Changing social behaviour and attitudes.
  • Securing a whole system response to the issue of domestic violence.
  • Cultivating leadership through champions at all levels in Irish society and by;
  • Deepening and communicating our understanding of the problem and enhancing all our capacity to respond.