About Us

About SAFE Ireland

SAFE Ireland is the National Social Change Agency working on Domestic Violence in Ireland. We are working innovatively and strategically to transform culture and the response to gender based violence (GBV) in Ireland. Our particular GBV focus is on male violence against women and children in intimate/close relationships.

We have evolved from a network of service providers and we are working in close collaboration with 40 frontline domestic violence services across communities in Ireland. Over the past ten years we have invested in leadership, governance, research and organisational development in order to create a culture in the organisation which allows space for dialogue, creativity and innovation.

We are directly linked to women and children who experience Domestic Violence. We work to bring public voice and understanding to the causes and impact of Domestic Violence.

We respond to thousands of women and children affected by Domestic Violence in Ireland every year.

SAFE Ireland’s Vision Strategy 2015-2020